The ‘Second Industrial Revolution’: The Road to Architectural Steel, a History

Architectural Steel provides – almost literally – the building blocks of human civilisation. It has transformed how we live and operate as a species. But how did we get here? In this brief history, we’ve charted the course of humanity – from the beginnings of the Iron Age to the steel megaprojects of modern-day China.

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A New Industrial Revolution: Why The Future Of Metal Fabrication Is Now

Fabrication has come a long way since the first iron was smelted into ornaments and ceremonial weapons somewhere between the Caucasus and the Middle East almost four thousand years ago. It is both humbling and awe-inspiring to know that not even the iron dagger that accompanied Tutankhamen to the grave could hold a candle to even the most basic commands of the sophisticated machinery of today.

Let us take a look at the far-reaching legacy of those first iron-smelters. At the machines that are still almost unbelievable in their worldliness today:

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7 reasons why steel is a sustainable architectural material

It may not be a well-known fact in the debate surrounding green and sustainable construction that steel is one of the most environmentally friendly materials for use in the building and fabrication process. National and international legislation (such as the new Paris climate change accord) have increased the pressure for low carbon construction. Luckily, steel has a number of in-built cost and environmental advantages which make it a huge asset in the construction industry’s move towards a more sustainable future.

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Weldwide’s 11 Most Unique Floating Stair Designs

Why floating stairs?

As well as the inherent elegance of floating stairs, they can often lend an individuality to the overall design of a building or space. Floating stairs are often a key component of open plan designs, giving your living or working space a more open and welcoming feel, as well as just generally forming part of a more adventurous architectural vision for a space.
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A Majzlik

We are very pleased with our new staircase and balustrade. The quality of both manufacture and finish is indeed excellent. May I also congratulate you on the speed, professionalism and courtesy of your two fitters, they worked very carefully and showed great respect for our property. They are a real credit to your company. Many thanks

E Wallace

Picking a name for a metal stair supplier off the internet is a risky business, without any reference or referral – I must say that I have been very impressed with the whole process with Weldwide. Martin’s time and effort in getting the dimensions & specification correct, the customer service, together with the quality of the execution is difficult to fault. Many thanks

V Poshkus

We have used Weldwide Services for many years now. We are absolutely delighted to work with Martin and his team. Every time, without exceptions when we place an order Martin provides exceptionally quick quote and delivery times, needless to say that Weldwide provides the most competitive quotes. It is reassuring to work with Weldwide as the team always delivers on time. Thank you

M De Fendi

We needed metalwork and refurbishment of our external fire staircase done. An engineer came to us immediately and services were completed to high standards and approved by the London Fire Brigade. We would highly recommend Weldwide and will be using their services in the future. Thank you