Staircase Solutions

At Weldwide Services Limited we specialise in making Staircases to fit your needs we can help you with design, manufacture and installation of virtually any type of internal or external metal staircase for your home or business.

Enjoy using our Build Your Quote system, if you do not see exactly what you are looking for please look at our Gallery for inspiration, or Contact us and we will be able to discuss your ideas further.

Spiral Staircases

A spiral staircase is an attractive, durable, and space-saving choice for a home or office building. Space saving is one of the greatest benefits of any spiral staircase. Unlike traditional staircases, a spiral staircase does not have a large footprint and can be installed in small spaces, making it an exceptionally good choice for smaller homes or apartments. The solid construction makes the staircase an ideal choice for safety and durability. Installing a staircase of this kind, a homeowner or builder can improve the aesthetic of a room or home without taking up excess space for a larger staircase structure, spiral staircases are a beautiful design feature which will give a long lasting visual appeal.

Our staircases are very durable requiring little maintenance, the amount of maintenance required can be greatly reduced by galvanisation which we would highly recommend. We have many options available to meet your design needs all of our staircases are bespoke. We can also manufacture designs in combinations of metal, glass and wood.

Helical Staircases

Helical staircases are sometimes referred to as curved staircases they lead you upstairs in a flowing arc. This makes these staircases ideal for retail, showrooms and other public spaces, but, they also look glamorous in an office or residential location. Helical staircases are a statement, often used as a main staircase or exclusive staircase. These stairs frequently consists of two rolled stringers, with the treads attached between them. Helical staircases do not have a central column setting it apart from spiral stairs. By combining various materials and designs the possibilities for helical staircases are almost unlimited.

Straight Staircases

A straight staircase can be defined as one having a single, straight flight of stairs that connects two levels or floors in a building. In its most basic form it is a simple design with no turns and is used in most homes.
A L-shaped stair also known as quarter turn stair means that the direction of the staircase can be changed mid flight this is useful when the space required for a straight staircase of not available, it gives the possibility of locating the staircase in a corner. This option also gives the provision of a resting place and reduced distance of fall.

A U-shaped stair also known as a double L shaped or half turn stair will give you two flights of steps parallel to each other by providing one large landing where you would turn 180degrees.

Winder stairs include pie-shaped stairs which substitute a landing the benefit of this option is that less space it required than the L and U option.